Update Coming…

There are a few errors that have been reported that I’m looking into (dayjob + kids, you know!), and since Zenfolio natively supports video uploading, I plan on forking my custom video upload solution and integrate the Zenfolio solution natively.

It shouldn’t be too difficult (he says before looking at the API….), and should be done soon.

Thanks for all the support & I’m glad that others can use this tool!


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4 Responses to Update Coming…

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Dan,

    Day job + kids, I know exactly what you mean !

    Sadly it doesn’t stop me from begging for one update. I’ve seen other people requesting huge lists of requests. I hope mine is much simpler.

    A little more robust in the error handling department. I’ve got thousands of images to upload, I kick the script off and leave it running overnight just to come back and find it failed 3 images in. It would be really cool, if the script could just flag images it failed to upload and carry on with the next image.
    Thanks in advance


  2. admin says:

    That’s a great suggestion! My uploads are always perfect, so I never have errors. 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    I haven’t tracked down the cause of all the errors. I think Windows Image viewer is the source of one of them though. If its used to rotate an image it screws something up in the metadata. ZenSync bombs out with an XML error on these. Image not uploading isn’t a great issue, I can work around that. But ZenSync bombing out is. Putting the Zensync script in a loop doesn’t help as of course as Zensync tries to carry on where it left off! I’ve tried writing a bash script to pick up the error, rename the problematic file and restart Zensync, but overall it was just a disataster. Fingers crossed you have a better solution ! Thanks again.


  4. admin says:

    I wish I could reproduce this error (can you send me a file that is known to barf?). I do think I see where it bombs out, however:

    // $log->debug(“Response: “.$buf.”\n”);
    $retPhotoId = FALSE;
    $xml = explode(“\n”,$buf);
    if (strlen($buf) == 0) {
    $log->info(“Skipping: $DirPath\n”);
    $response = FALSE;
    } elseif (strlen($buf) > 1000) {
    $log->info(“Error: XML Error!\n”);
    } else {

    This is in the file dirobj.class.php. If you just delete the “die;” line completely, the program should continue after the error. I *DID* run into XML errors, obviously, in the past (that’s why I put the bomb-out die line in there, but I can’t remember what was causing the error for me).

    Good luck & let me know if this helps!


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